DISCOVERY: Innovation in the Air

Discovery is a fixed wing UAV system designed for transportation, protection and monitoring. It’s payload capacity of 176 lb or 80 kg makes it an industry leading UAV system Built For Work. Operated by the powerful Mission Possible software, Discovery can be controlled by onboard autopilot or manually by remote operator. Work Harder, Work Longer with Discovery.


Power Gas
Flight Time Up to 6 hours per tank
Maximum Automatic Flight Distance 300 km or 186 miles
Maximum Manual Flight Distance 3 km or 1.9 miles
Cruise Speed 100 km/hr or 62 mph
Take Off Weight 170 kg or 375 lbs
Maximum Payload 80 kg or 176 lbs

Discovery Size
12 ‘ 1” x 19’ 8” or 3.7 m x 6 m

An Industry Leading UAV Powered By Industry Leading Software

Our MISSION POSSIBLE software brings value and functionality to DISCOVERY through automatic mission planning and data insight.

• Agriculture crop scouting and spraying
• Oil & Gas pipeline monitoring
• Power line monitoring
• Highway and board patrolling
• Search and rescue

An innovation in UAV technology that brings more functionality to more industries!

With Industry Leading Mission Time and Payload Capacity, DISCOVERY Makes the Impossible Possible