UAVita Successfully Completes Successful Pilot Project with Gas Pipeline Operator

UAVita Systems recently completed a successful gas leak monitoring pipeline pilot project in collaboration with large gas transmission operator.

The pilot project monitored their major pipeline for gas leakage with UAVita’s DISCOVERY D-80 UAV. UAVita partnered with gas leak sensor manufacturer Pergam-Suisse AG.

UAVita’s DISCOVERY D-80 was equipped with Pergam-Suisse’s gas leak sensor technology and monitored 33km of pipeline collecting data.

UAVita collected gas emission levels along the pipeline. This included taking photographs and video footage for further analysis in addition to the gas sensing. Pergam provided post-flight data processing, analysis and reporting.

As part of the pilot, the gas transmission operator created several artificial leaks. UAVita Systems also created their own test leak using a methane reservoir with a network of pipes attached.

The reconnaissance flight discovered all test leaks in the pipeline and reported exact locations and emission levels. All partners in the pilot project were very satisfied with the result.

UAVita Systems manufactures fixed wing UAVs with industry leading high payload capacity and operating times. The DISCOVERY is designed for complex short or long range missions where payload capacity and safety are paramount. It’s payload capacity of 176 lb or 80 kg makes it built for some of the most difficult tasks. Operated by the powerful Mission Possible software, DISCOVERY can be controlled by on-board autopilot or manually by remote operator.